Nightwish Bootlegs

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Internet Rules:

01  If we've never traded before and you contacted me, you send first.

02 I preffer Bittorrent, but Mediafire, Mega, etc, will work too. .

NOTE: I have a slow connection - DL 120 KB/s , UL 56 KB/s, if this is a problem for you, read the following rules.

Snail Mail Rules

01  If we've never traded before and you contacted me, I'll send when I have received the package

02 Use good brands: Maxell, Sony, etc.

03 I'll probably use an alternative brands for DVD9 discs, is difficult find good brands for DVD DL.

04  Max burn speed: 4x.

05  Test your copy before You send it.

06  Do not write on the discs.

07  Send the discs in sleeves of paper, don't write on the discs, just put a  piece of paper in the sleeve.

08  If one CD or DVD have failures or is a LOSSY SOURCE, I will ask for a replacement.

09 Send the AUDIO SHOWS on DVDs as Data Disc, I'll do the same.

10 Send me an email when you send your package and when you receive my package, I'll do the same.

11 I'll need a tracking number, so send it in priority mail, I'll do the same.


1 CD x 1 CD (lossy x lossy)

1 CD x 1 CD (lossless x lossless)

1 DVD x 1 DVD

1 DVD x 2 CDs

1 DVD DL x 3 CDs

1 DVD DL x 2 DVDs

1 Blu - Ray x 4 CDs

1 Blu - Ray x 3 DVDs

1 Master File x 1 Master File or 1 BluRay

1 Master File x 2 DVD

1 Master File x  3 CDs


* 1 CD or 1 DVD = Complete Show

* I have no Blu Ray burner, I'll send the files onto DVDs.




[email protected]

[email protected]